Sunday, June 24, 2007

We've done it

We finally taken the boat out without any hitches, kinks, or hiccups. No water onboard, nothing broken, nothing to fix before we head out again.


Anyway, we went out this morning with the intent of the whole family going to sail. When we got there, there was no wind, it was low tide, and though we saw sailboats on the water, they were rowing, sitting still, or being towed by the marina's sailing instructor powerboat.

So we went to the park for an early lunch.

Lunch begat playing, playing begat an upcoming nap time for the little one. My solution... leave me with the boys, Jax takes Mia home for a girls' day of painting toenails and whatever else it is girls do while the boys are out in no wind on the dumb boat. (Mia even told J, "I think the boys are gonna cry because they didn't get to paint their toenails.")

Well we did get on the boat and the wind did come (as did high tide) and we had a blast. 3 1/2 hours of sailing along the Potomac up to the airport and back with a few shots back and forth from VA to MD along the way. Everyone drove the boat, everyone helped (and not just "kid" helping, they were serious champs) and we had a flawless launch and recovery with a lot of good times inbetween.

Here's the vid of our docking when J returned with Mia and the vidcam. I know Son of a Sailor is a bit cliche, but I like the song and it fits the length of the movie perfectly.

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Good job, men! You looked like pros. And what fun you must have had!! Aunt Beth

Josee said...

You guys look great out there! It's so nice to see you and the boys together.