Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Home Depot

Ok... the people at Home Depot know me by name. I've got no problem with that.

I had a problem there the other day with an individual, not the company, but this particular individual was apparently having a bad day (or perhaps she's normally rude, I'm just giving her the benefit of the doubt.) So I talked with the manager who asked me to place a complaint with the site. I asked if it would go against the store or the cashier since she was the problem and otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about my time spent there. He said it would mark against the store, but, he adds, "One bad apple spoils the bunch."

I thought about it and I both told him as well as put it in the letter I shot over to HD that this comment is possibly one of the least managerial statements I have heard in a while. No, as a manager one bad apple had better not spoil the bunch. You fix the apple or toss it from the basket. You don't let it spoil the bunch. Advise me of my option to file a complaint with corporate, but assure me it will be solved locally. THAT's fixing the problem.

Anyway, I wrote a nice long letter to HD and they replied with what sounds form letter-ish assuring me,
"Our company was built on respect for all individuals, and on behalf of The Home Depot, we are sorry if you had an unpleasant shopping experience. The feedback you provided will be taken very seriously and will be used in the overall evaluation of the services we provide our customers."
My feedback "will be taken very seriously"? I want my feedback to be taken seriously NOW, not later.

Oh well. They are sending me a $25 gift card for my troubles. I guess I have a price afterall.

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