Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is it always 24 hours in a day?

I know it's what they tell us, or what they'd have us to believe, they've even manipulated our watches to conform to their little plan, but I'm sure some days have more hours than others... mostly those bad days... but sometimes, just sometimes, you can sneak in a good day which seems to have enough time to enjoy. Boy I like those days. Ones where you can get up, have breakfast with the family, prep for a trip to the city, ignore metro problems and re-routing into the city, enjoy a museum with no schedule, metro back, pack, go sailing for a few hours, come back, have dinner and birthday festivities for "Girl Face", run out to pick up some freecycle from Del Ray, go grocery shopping (I abhor Shoppers, by the way), and still make it back to watch a movie with the grown-ups before bed.

I like good days. I think I'll try to have more of them.

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