Thursday, August 16, 2007

There's a hair in my dirt... and other serious matters

We were, as a family, dragged to the library yet again all because Charlie just HAD to learn origami. Jeez. I keep trying to tell him books are bad, but he just won't listen.

Anyway, while Chas was navigating himself through the library's dewey rows(it's not a bad spelling.. it's a bad pun), I happened across this book:
sitting on the shelf and just had to get it.

If ever you have been a fan of the FAR SIDE, this book is a read to behold. It is not the "normal" Gary Larson book which winds up being just a collection of all of the Far Sides you've already read, this is actually a book with plot and characters and illustrated by none other than Larson himself in his normal sometimes-hidden-humor manner.

Summary... Kid worm gripes about being a worm, father explains why being a worm is cool. In doing so, the father worm points out just how ignorant people are in their "love nature" ways and how they are doing more harm than good to what is supposed to be a natural cycle of life.

Good read. Who says grown-ups can't read kids books? Of course... it's been a while since I was accused of being a grown-up.

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