Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The perils of homeschooling

Ok, so its finally hit me that homeschooling might work too well. Our children are learning about communication in its various forms. Braille, signing, standard phonics are always par for the course, but we went this week with an intro to Helen Keller (pre-socialist ranting and ravings). Today's lessons included watching The Miracle Worker.

This is when the trouble started...

We got home this evening and the kids were upstairs for no more than 30 minutes before J discovered that Mia had completely THRASHED the boy's room. Torn up from the roof to the floor. Why'd she do it? She was being "The girl from the movie". Which girl? She couldn't remember. Ok, she's three. Maybe she'll remember while she cleans the room.

Or will she?

Chas comes down later to tell us that Mia is neither cleaning, nor listening to the boys talking to her. Why'd she do it? She was being deaf like the girl from the movie.

It's like I tell Jax, "Being cute must be a defense mechanism."

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Tim - Rob.

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