Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At least I get to leave for three years

mall rant ahead. Use caution. Links provided throughout.

Newest on our political news radar this morning is this little gem:
Clintonite Stabs Obama Supporter.

Add this to the stories of Obamamaniacs fainting left and right.
And now, not to be outdone, Hillary is getting into the fainting supporter racket as well.
Our only HOPE is to find some CHANGE in the couch when these two are done in our wallets.
(Oh wait... I forgot. I'm impoverished. Woo-hoo? You don't teach people anything by giving them something... other than dependence.)

Did anyone see this from Bill Clinton's speech for Hillary yesterday?
I just thought it was a little funny.
  • "So Hillary says, in 2005, the United States Congress adopted the Bush-Cheney energy bill, which gave $27 billion in subsidies to nuclear, oil, and gas and coal. The only thing that was justified was clean coal, because countries are going to be using that. We have to figure out how to take the carbon dioxide out of it. The rest of it is waste. If you elect me, I'll repeal those subsidies. And put them into a strategic energy fund that will create American jobs for America's future with clean energy."
Ok... so maybe they'll say the "If you elect me" part was still under the pretense set by "So Hillary says, in 2005". Okay, Hillary was prepping for her second term in the Senate at the time, so she might have given a speech which said this, but it would have been under the context of being elected as a Senator, not as the President. Did she repeal those subsidies? No. I'm sure that's what he meant to do... just point out that one of her 2005 campaign promises went unfulfilled. Back off... who do you think you are? Sigmund Freud?

But what is the alternative?
Huckabee? whose huckaboom turned into a gigantic huckaflop and he's now overstaying his huckawelcome? At least he had two things going for him, Chuck Norris and the FairTax.

Or perhaps the wuvvable, huggable, adorable John McCain? You know what, John? Benedict Arnold was a war hero also. We're tossed bit like, 20 years working in Washington, Experience, blah. Are we not supposed to know what John has done with those 20 years? Campaign Finance? Immigration? Voting against the tax cuts? McCain/Lieberman bill? The Keating 5 scandal? Ooh, but he's a Maverick. No. He's a corrupt politician looking for more power, just like the rest of 'em.

I'm left with no one to vote for.
One of these people is going to be my boss.

Wonderful. I weep for the future.

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