Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Dinos Became Extinct

Our daughter cannot be accused of not explaining things well enough. Show me a Reader's Digest article, and she'll turn it into War and Peace. Saying that, know that this brief description of her hypothesis from the other night is but a glimpse into the half hour we spent hearing about it. It all boils down to this...

There was a dinosaur.
We, as a family, picked up said dinosaur and threw it into outer space into the future.

Here's a very constrained look into how it was told. (Punctuation and spacing to reflect her enthusiasm and speed in telling the story)

"Maybe there was a dinosaur and it was a meat eater and not a grass eater and it was scary and big and it was coming for us but we grabbed it by the legsandSimonandmegrabbedthislegandCharliegrabbedthis
andwe piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicked it up and threw it into OUTER SPACE!!!!!!"

I'll try to get some actual audio. This simply isn't doing it the justice it deserves.

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