Friday, March 07, 2008

New Link to the Right.

No, Mom, this is not a link to a "right leaning" website. The link is located in the right column of stuff beside the posts.

The link is to When you join (no fee), you take a survey about how much you like nuts, meats, spices, onions, fruits, spinach, mushrooms.................. it is a bunch of questions. After you're done, they match you with recipes you'll like, even if you've never heard of or thought of it before. They will match you with people who share the same tastes as you. And, as you add recipes you like, or flag recipes that you like or don't like, your profile updates and more closely hones in on things you might like to try.

I think it's neat and have had a grand time over there. I even made a few groups to get you started in your journey:
OoLaLa Cookin French Like The French Cook French
Cooking Over Your Head

I was linked over to another cooking site by my wonderful mother called, which I haven't gone into as much, but really looks neat. I'll give it a better review as I learn more, but both are now here for your perusal.

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