Friday, March 07, 2008

We're not socializing our kids? Good.

You know, if this is what they hype as the socialization kids are getting at school, if this is what people say homeschoolers lack, then let them keep it. This is but one story of many that I read day to day which makes me thankful we don't have "socialized" children. And while I'm at it, I've never actually been thankful, specifically, that my children have never commented that another 6YO has a "sexy booty", perhaps I should start.
"Government school employees are up in arms trying to determine the difference between a kiss and a crime. Yes, folks, you read that correctly. You see, it all started back in January when a principal at a Denver middle school was served with a misdemeanor summons from the District Attorney for failure to report an unlawful sexual contact. Now, every government employee in Denver is panicking. Reports of this activity to Human Services increased 77% in just one month.

"Now government school employees have to use their best judgment in determining when they need to "make a report if child abuse or neglect reasonably is suspected." Let me give you an example of the types of cases being reported to the government. In one case, two 5-year-olds were kissing on the playground. Clearly, this action stems from child abuse or neglect. In another case, one 6-year-old told another 6-year-old, "You have a sexy booty." That was also reported to the government.

"In other words, government employees are wasting time and tax dollars by prosecuting children for kissing. This is just absurd."
This from Neal Boortz in his daily read.

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