Saturday, May 03, 2008

Press 1 for English

We complain about it in the States. "Why do I have to press 1 to speak English in my own country?? This is America, we speak English."

If I was ever one of those people, I'm not any longer. My stand on the legal status of the foreign speakers is unchanged, I think you should go through the proper channels, but I'm willing to press 1 for my language of choice. Really, half the time the person on the other end doesn't speak English as their first language anyway.

You've no idea how exhausting it can be just going to the store. Even in Greece I could read the signs (thank you calculus), Russia wasn't even that hard to figure out, their letters look like letters.

Here... I'm doing what I can. Luckily, the Okinawan people are a patient, kind people who are used to dealing with us "round eye".

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Anonymous said...

Tim I am so excited for your family i brag on you all the time My big grother is in Okinawa!! noone really cares but i tell them anyway.. Kids are doing well Rina will be in NC this summer venturing on a 12 hour flight alone and Greg gets to go to summer surf camp for a whole week. I love it here but shawn hates the fact that we cant just go diving to another state. It is getting hot here and my job has asked me to put in for another promotion. i start school tomarrow for my batchlers degree and am a little sceard. but i figured that i would post so that you would know that you are in my thoughts. keep posting i look forward to news.