Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Call of the Slide

A guy from work loaned us a vehicle this weekend so we could get out of the hotel and explore the island.

It is a HUGE help. Not only in fighting cabin fever, but how can Jax and I jump straight into a new vehicle Monday evening during rush hour on the other side of the island in a foreign country, driving on the left side of the road from the right side of the car. Now we get to practice. I owe him big time.

We test-drove to our new house yesterday (partly so we could FIND it, but mostly because the call of the mega-slide was too great and we could refuse no longer.

I kept telling the kids that there is a whole other section of the park with swings, slides and climbing, but they didn't care.

I don't blame them. Enjoy the slideshow and videos


Anonymous said...

I knew it was coming...I wish I was there...I would have done it too :-) How much fun!!! And right at your back door. What an awesome park...Too cool!
Aunt Beth

Josee said...

Danny really likes the video of the kids going down the slide. He laughs at all the right spots, like somehow he knows that it's funny that you're sliding behind Simon and Simon is trying to go faster. Too cute. We watched it several times today.