Monday, June 02, 2008

Whole lotta nothin

Let's see... what have you missed.

I'm about done with AFN. It's really beginning to bug me. The AFRTS radio station calls itself, "Your alternative to silence."

I'm sorry. If you're a radio station and that's all you've got going for you... you might just be in the wrong business.

On the other hand, the radios in the PX/BX are sold to tune from 88MHz to 108MHz (American tuning frequencies for radio) while Japan broadcasts down into the 70's and American style radios won't get those stations. So... If you've only got American designed radios... I guess they are your alternative to silence... provided you don't have a CD or tape player.

Frankly, I prefer silence.

I love the cars here. My mini would have fit right in if I brought it (there are a lot of minis here.. I ran out of time searching for one and simply had to get a car) but the cars here definitely have character. Not the standard big and fast you get back in the states. They have big and fast here... they're all on the lots waiting to be bought by Americans coming over on tour. I don't want big and fast. Give me a small car with great mileage and I'm in heaven. I'm already married. I don't need to impress anyone else (Not that I've found a car to be the shoe-in in that department. I didn't even own one until after I got married.)

I'm tired of typing...

Here, look at these and I'll write more later:


Josee said...

RE: "Your alternative to silence." Sounds like a by-committee slogan ... Hmm, let's see. What can we say that will offend no one?

Of course, in this case, it's just plain offensive to everyone, I suspect.

Jax and company said...

today this radio station actually said 'hey, stop searching the dial, you've found what you're looking for' - - or something along those lines.