Friday, September 19, 2008

Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them,

Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd

So there's this guy I know from work a while back. He's a nice enough guy. We get along well in social settings, we cooperate together, we feed well off of each other as we go from task to task.

He is über-republican. He's about as republican as you can get. He's not unlike the Daily Kos, except for the fact that he's not a democrat.

Anyway, he's gotten to sending me a LOT of e-mail.
  • Obama is a fraud
  • Obama's love for our soldiers only goes so far
  • Read this email or I'm voting for Obama
  • More Obama scandals leaking out
  • Obama's odious voting record on the big issues
  • Excerpts from books by Obama
If you've heard a rumor about Obama, chances are good that it has landed in my inBox already. This guy is on the button with his mouse hovering over that old forward button.

What this guy doesn't do, is validate these things.

Can I ask those very few people who read this blog again...? May I please stress with some high degree of importance... the need to vet your information?

It's not neccessarily that any of you are not doing this already... I just notice there are a LOT of people coming to my blog from Google searches for "'intelligent' women against sarah palin" and it scares me how many people buy into the rumor mills before checking the facts for themselves.

I have a guy I still try to catch his radio show from out here on the other side of the earth each day and if I miss the show, I still read his program notes.

Sure I agree with the guy on a number of points, but mostly I like him for his personality. I like that he sometimes just makes stuff up, just to increase the calls on the phone. He's got this line he throws out there in his books as well as on his radio show,
"Don't believe anything you hear on my program or read in my literature unless you've bounced it off of at least two other legitimate sources."
Good advice for most anything you may read or hear in the "news" these days.

I had more... I'm going to leave this political stuff alone and move on to happier fields.

I've already been asked about the title of the blog. The link to the poem can be found on the last word before the video.

The reason I used these words were because I was getting people who regurgitate non-facts from the left and the right.

Hey, I didn't say it made good sense... I just figured I'd let you know my thought process there.

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