Friday, September 05, 2008

"Intelligent" Women Against Sarah Palin

J stumbled across this gem... before I give you the link, let's spy in on what this self proclaimed think tank has come up with as intellectual political conversation and analysis:

Amy writes,
"This woman is George Bush in high heels with 80s hair and I am truly frightened for this country should the Republicans win this election."
Tom writes,
"I am an intelligent woman and I am against Sarah Palin!"
"Ditto :) Oh my gosh you guys are awesome." and later... "Seriously. She's 44. It's all down-syndrome kids from here on out, and just to make the public pay for her overactive uterus, she's gonna take away our pills and reproductive rights. Uuugh. She cannot get to the white house. She just can't."
Angie adds,
"McCain is ancient. If he croaks in office guess who will be the no 1. Isn't that thought scary? And why would you be proud that your 17 yr old pregnant daughter is getting married? BECAUSE your crazy that's why. She is crazy white trash"
"i just can't stand her voice. even if she had something worthwhile to say, i wouldn't be able to listen because of THAT VOICE."
"she's trying to take over for bush as the next white house comedian."
Intelligent? I thought the comments were, more often than not, snarky, trite and shallow. Oh well, it's FaceBook... not really known as a bastion of intelligentsia. CAUTION: I cannot guarantee the comments you read on that site are child friendly. View at your own discretion.

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