Thursday, September 04, 2008


Palin, McCain, Obama, Biden... Whomever you like...

Let's keep the discussion to pertinent topics please. If you don't like someone for their policies (high taxes, encroaching on civil liberties, war, haste, etc) then certainly, denounce them for those policies.

Examples: I don't like Obama's passion. I think it is directed far more toward himself and his progression than that of America. I think his tax policies are going to be detrimental to the US. If you tax a business, you're only cutting the pay of the employees and raising the cost to the consumer. You cannot tax a business any more than you can put handcuffs on a business and take it to jail. I think he has done nothing in a senate that has done nothing and he did less than that before joining them. I think his first reactions on many issues (Georgia/Russia, Iran) are the wrong reactions. He must as well since he changed them afterward. I think he underestimates the capacity of many foreign countries and the sheer importance of the job he's applying for. I think he's cocky, egotistical, and ignorant. I think when he's not reading a well written speech, he's at a loss for words and struggles to make a statement (but boy when he has one, that man can talk.) You don't have speeches when doing arms talks with foreign heads of state. There's not always time to conduct focus groups. You've got to be able to speak and think off the cuff and when he's been put in those positions, I believe he's come up off the line.

I don't like McCain's campaign finance bill. I think it limits constitutionally protected free speech. I don't like the patriot act. I think it gives the government too much power, violates the fourth amendment, and leads to allowing a telescreen in everyone's home (1984). I think he was wrong on immigration with his McCain/Kennedy bill. I think he was wrong on the global warming debate with the McCain Leiberman bill. Look, I think we should live clean. I think we should care for the earth. I recycle, try to keep the yard clean, don't litter, I like clean water. I don't think paying the government "offsets" will fix any problem, man-made or no. Put mercury in your lightbulbs and in landfills if you want to save a little on your power bills? I'm not too sure about that folks. I agreed with the surge. I agree with needing to leave the country better than we found it. However, I've got a rough time telling people why the heck we were there in the first place. Saddam was a bad man... yes. He probably needed to leave and Iraq, IMHO, is a better place without him there. I've gotta say, though, I've not seen or heard a credible source in MY encounters (and those of you who know me kinda know what I did there) describe the WMD argument being fed to the American people.

It's on both sides of the house. Republicans with their quips about his age or being a pretty boy... Democrats with their snipes about his age or being a not-so-pretty boy. Looks, platitudes, shallow remarks which just go to show you have a disdain for people who disagree with you... but without presenting a counter-argument or showing respect for their right to disagree, it's just noise.

I heard a delegate from the Democratic National Convention sum it up... summed up the problems with so many Americans from both sides of the aisle.

This gem was stated as a response to a question of this delegate casting his vote for Clinton instead of Obama, or going along with the party (and if this is a paraphrase, it's darn near a quote. I didn't have a pen ready and waiting for this inspiring thought.)
"I learned as a young kid to play the game follow the leader. And if the leader says something, you gotta follow."
Sheeple - I can't believe they let people like this vote. I dread the next four years.

Look, forget the whole, "If you can't think of something nice to say, don't say anything" crock. This is politics and if you don't like something... speak up. It's not going to change unless you do. BUT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

And give it depth.

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