Saturday, September 27, 2008

OOhhh, Oooh, the debate, the debate

Who won? Who lost? Who was more presidential? Who said the right things and who didn't? Who had the snappiest comeback?

Who cares?

The debate season has brought me to the realization that watching the debates is a lot like debating abortion or the death penalty. Most everyone on earth has a preconceived notion on where they stand on the matter and 90 minutes of two men standing on stage, nor any amount of yapping is going to change their opinion. Congratulations Society, you've erased objectivity from the human persona.

What changes people's views about things are not these nice 90 minute stretches we share as a nation glued to the television together or talking for weeks after about who blinked more than whom or who stammered more or who had to double-check the name on their bracelet...

What changes people are life events. There is some thing (or series of things) that is going to finally change a person's mind more than a stuffed suit ever could.

I hope one day that the President will once again be an inconsequential part of our daily lives. I pray for the day when the federal government remembers its bounds and leaves state matters to the states. Executive Orders, federal school requirements, healthcare, show me where in the Constitution I can find these issues. (I just happen to carry one with me so this one will be tricky.)

It's not just some old document, people. It is also not a "living document" (for those who think the supreme law of our land should be a living document, I'd love to play poker with you some time... I'll show you some changeable rules.)

Government has gotten too large... too large for BOTH parties who, for the longest time, have thought it somehow OK to grow it if only in their own direction. It is too large and it is in places you never thought it'd go.

We allowed it to get there. We can take it back.

Re-read that old dusty document. Remind it that it is not forgotten. Remind yourself where the federal government ends and where your life, your responsibilities, your rights, begin.

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