Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Test Scores, Gasoline, T-Shirts and Pancakes

Ok.. today you've gotten the first three of these posts, here comes the yummy reward.

THIS from Saveur.

I made these for dinner tonight. Delicious. I recommend them even to those loved ones who normally mix up a ton of pancake mix in their basement for the Apocalypse.

These are the right density, the right buttery crisp on the flats, the right texture...

Pancake heaven

I really like that magazine. I know it's free on the web, but I went ahead and prepaid for a couple of years subscription anyway.

Oh, and to the person who might be getting my old subscription to her mailbox, you can keep'em as you get them. I re-ordered a new subscription out here instead of changing my mailing address. Enjoy.

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