Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spend a dollar to save a dime

THIS from Atlanta

So the person in this tale sips just a bit at "nearly" $5/gallon so she can drive around town to look for cheaper gas and them waits in line (most probably with the engine and AC running... it is HotLanta) for half an hour while she waits in line to pump $4.29/gallon gas.

50/60 cents a gallon saved (approximately), 10/12 gallon tank (approximately), $5.00/$7.20 saved in the tank, minus $5 investment puts us at $0/$2.20 for the tank, minus half an hour of her time (minimum wage for 1/2 hour in GA would be $2.57, I hope she makes more than that) and you're talking a maximum skrimp of:


Of course when you look at the possibility of her fulling the tank at $5, you're talking $50-$60 and if she'd filled at the other first it'd be $42.90-$51.48. For all of us publicly educated people, that's a maximum savings of $7.10-$8.52

Less than ten bucks.

I know the economy is a little strapped right now, but I know I wouldn't sit in Atlanta heat waiting in line for half an hour to get gas to save less than ten bucks. I'd bite the bullet, fill up,
note the station with cheaper gas for next time, and try to get there at a non-peak hour... perhaps a cooler hour as well.

And what's wrong with gas station owners charging what they will for gas in the first place? It's their gas! Once you buy it, it becomes yours, you can do with it what you want. Sell it again at a mark-up for all I care.

People will complain about the price of gas, and then drive to their mailbox to pick up their credit card bills. They'll yell gouging as they drive their gas hogs well above appropriate speeds to the mall two towns over to see if that Penney's has a different selection than the one in their own town.

Lawmakers say the gas companies are rolling in windfall profits. How much does the federal government invest in the extraction, refining, distributing, selling, marketing, science, research that gets all of this gas to the pumps? NADA. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

What do the feds charge you for a gallon of gas?

18.4 cents per gallon

18.4 cents per gallon for what?

for nothing

Every American pays Uncle Sam 18.4 cents per gallon on the price of gasoline.

Put your money where your mouths are, Feds. If you want to prevent windfall profit from the sale of gasoline, start by cutting your own.

Wow... that went political fast.

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