Monday, September 01, 2008

Spider Kids

Ok... as promised, we went to the aquarium the other day (as you might have read on the childrens' blogs.) What they might not have included was at the entrance to the expo is an absolutely huge netted area for kids to climb, play, and go wild. They had pyramid nets, triangle nets, mountain nets, nets over nets so you could jump off of the nets into other nets, vertical nets, horizontal nets... about an acre (if not more) of climbing bliss.

Here's a little thing I threw together to commemorate the event.

All in all we spent about 7 hours at the Expo before coming home. All three kids fell asleep in the van. Exhaustion, gotta love it.

I'm working on a couple other projects coming out of that trip... some composites, and maybe even a movie.

OH YEAH!!! When we actually went to go in, we got distracted one more time by a 3D exhibit of bugs. Really cool stuff. At the end, they broke out a two camera contraption and took a picture of our two families in 3D. When J gets off of the big computer I'll toss it up here. Not that it does much good without 3D glasses, but they're easy enough to make. Just remember the blue goes over the right. Easy enough to remember... Red=Reft.

(If you expand this photo, it is best to stand back from the screen or else the two images will not come together clearly. Plus, you wouldn't want those shark jaws to get you!)

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