Saturday, August 30, 2008

Election Stuff

So I just don't know... I still don't like either of them.

McCain-I still don't like McCain-Feingold, McCain-Lieberman, or McCain-Kennedy. They were crap legislation. Furthermore, if Sarah Palin were a somebody, then she might come off as more than a "We need a minority to compete with Obama. Get me a woman or a his[anic or a cripple or something." If she were Condi, I could believe it. This lady... too new and unknown to be believable. Still... she's had more executive experience than Obama.

As for his "voting with Bush 90% of the time"... Bush isn't a senator. You can't vote with him or against him if he's not even playing the game. That's like saying the Mets are beating Venus Williams 9-Love. Besides, even if it were about what Bush would have voted were he a senator, try this on for size (List from Dick Morris):
  • McCain fought for campaign finance reform — McCain-Feingold — that Bush resisted and ultimately signed because he had no choice.
  • McCain led the battle to restrict interrogation techniques of terror suspects and to ban torture.
  • McCain went with Joe Lieberman on a tough measure to curb climate change, something Bush denies is going on.
  • McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts when they passed.
  • McCain urged the Iraq surge, a posture Bush rejected for years before conceding its wisdom.
  • McCain favors FDA regulation of tobacco and sponsored legislation to that effect, a position all but a handful of Republican senators oppose.
  • McCain’s energy bill, also with Lieberman, is a virtual blueprint for energy independence and development of alternate sources.
  • After the Enron scandal, McCain introduced sweeping reforms in corporate governance and legislation to guarantee pensions and prohibit golden parachutes for executives. Bush opposed McCain’s changes and the watered-down Sarbanes-Oxley bill eventuated.
  • McCain has been harshly critical of congressional overspending, particularly of budgetary earmarks, a position Bush only lately adopted (after the Democrats took over Congress).
  • Remember that McCain ran against Bush in 2000.
I'm not really sure if the Obamessiah believes what he's saying, or just expects others to not know better enough to disagree and confront him on it.

Reducing/eliminating capital gains on small business to encourage growth? Try reducing income tax and see what happens.

Or how about this. did anyone notice what happened, what was it January? The House approved a hike in the minimum wage up to $7.25/hour... Anyone catch the unemployment figures after? If you make employers pay more for unskilled labor, they will employ less. If you tax the company, the customer pays the taxes.. not the guys at the top.

Tax relief for the bottom 40% of wage earners in the US?!?!?!? The bottom 40% DON'T PAY TAXES. How do you give them tax relief? You can only give them a hand-out. I know this because the government seems to think I'm impoverished and keeps giving me money from other people's pockets. This is not "fair". Let people keep what they earn, tax them on what they spend. The rich spend more anyway... it'll work out in the end.

Minimum wage is not and should not be a living wage. The only reason it's around and going up in the first place is because union pressure to keep it alive. Sure union workers don't make minimum wage, but they often make multiples thereof. If the union worker is making 5x the minimum wage and the minimum wage goes up 25 cents an hour, the average minimum wage earner gets $500 extra dollars a year where the union guy gets $2500 extra a year. Who's making out there? Who has the pressure on congress? You think a burger flipper at Mac Burger Hut has representation in DC? What about a member of the Teamsters? You'd better believe it.

It's late... I'm rambling. Bottom line is this:
Bush has disappointed me beyond measure. Doesn't matter, he's not running for President and he'll be gone in a couple of months.
McCain has already shot the 1st Amendment, tried to allow amnesty for law breakers, and has indulged in the global warming kool-aid
Obama knows less about national policy than I do... you need more than a easy voice and a nice smile to get my vote. Barry is dangerous.

Good night. We're going to the aquarium tomorrow with some friends. I'll try to get some pictures out.

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