Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have I told you guys about Fark?


Here's the deal for those of you who aren't aware of this gem of the world wide internets.

Think of it as The Onion meets Drudgereport.

People send in actual news articles. The link to those articles is the left-most item in the list. Next, Fark assigns a "tag" to the article, a tag like , , or (yes, Florida gets its own tag). Then, and this is the best part, Fark puts its own headline on the article. Lastly, there's a number on the right side of the line which are the number of comments, alternate headlines, photos, related stories, etc the article received there on Fark.

Here's an example:

(SMH) Amusing The Dalai Lama vows to use paper plates from now on. Or maybe I just misunderstood this headline (40)

Click the "SMH.com.au" icon to see the actual story and headline.

Fark is for grownups. This is normally an ok site and rated an average of PG-13 on the tim scale. It can border NC-17, and there are links to another branch site called Foobies which you don't want to visit at work, but they try to keep the main Fark site clean. If you can tolerate the crude nature of the Onion, then Fark should be no problem. If you've got firefox, you can just "nuke" all that mess and enjoy the site.

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