Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whaddaya Do?

What do you do when an aged, deaf, mute Japanese man comes to your door selling beautiful oil paintings from his studio in Tokyo?

Well, you buy them, of course.

His name is Shen A Tsai and he, despite his obvious impairments, is full of life. He LOVED the kids canvas paintings, J's watercolors, the Monets... He explained through gesture and scribbled notes how he painted, where he is from. We "talked" about vanishing points with the kids. I brought out the painting brushes and painting knives and we explained, through his pantomime and my talking, the techniques to the kids.

What'd we get?

Well, have a look for yourself:

It was great. He's happy. We're happy. He eagerly hugged me and J before leaving. I like this guy.

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bashtree said...

I WANT! That b/w takes my breath away.