Friday, March 20, 2009

Job Security through Obscurity

Jackie and I went to the symphony last night and had a great time. Jackie's cello teacher plays the bass in the Ryukyu Symphony Orchestra and offered to advance purchase tickets for us. (Thanks goes out to her.)

Violin Concerto No.1 in g minor, Op. 26 by Max Bruch
[lento] for String Orchestra and Harp by Tohru Yogi
[ayamai] for String Orchestra and Ryukyu Instruments by Hideo Fukutomi

Jax dug the violin concerto (I was working on my discrete napping skills) and I was completely into the Ayamai. I dig the koto (japanese harp which lays on the floor instead of upright with 13 strings), but they had everything thrown in there... the san shin, the gong, standard strings instruments, it was wonderful.
Here's an example of the koto with san shin for you.

After returning, they had changed the stage for the Okinawa Jazz Association who played a few pieces. Not bad... I just like my jazz with a little less sax.

The orchestra came back to the stage and played their grand finale of:
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein

So I told you that story to bring up this point. I was very interested in the Contra Bassoon. I was having trouble coming up with a more obscure yet necessary instrument. It's kind of like the place kicker on the football team. Sure he doesn't get the glory of the other players, he's never followed during the draft, but try playing a game without one. It got me to thinking though, how many people can play this thing? How many people own these things? They're huge, loud, and I'm betting, pretty expensive to buy or repair. I found ONE on eBay...-click-... $6,000.

This might be a time to break out those old highschool band skills. You just have to be better than the other guy, if they've got another guy.

If the other guy is this guy, you're in there. Just joking... I'm sure he's a very good player when he's not geeking out in front of the world on YouTube.

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