Sunday, April 19, 2009

So what has Tim been up to?

Well, I'm writing... reading... working... geocaching... fathering... husband-ing... and trying to also to play the violin more.

As for writing, I was a couple of chapters in on my novel and the computer went south. It is now the kids computer and since the book is not right in front of my face, I've not been writing on it. I have in my head, though. That's got to count for something.

Reading... I have three book books going right now. I finished Atlas Shrugged three or four times over, Fountainhead, Brave New World, and a few others on audio book. I read both FairTax books and Someone's Gotta Say It by Neal Boortz. (Do you think I'm streamlining my book topics here? The three I've got going now are two political discussions and an analysis of the Supreme Court.)

Working is the same as everyone else. I don't talk about it too much, and can't really, only to say that when you are working in the prevention/denial department, it can seem at times that no news, while good, is kind of dull. Is it because there's nothing/nobody to deny? Is it that they are too good (or that you aren't that good) and you're not catching them? It felt nice to reaffirm my ability when I finally found something. Not a BIG something, but a something people don't normally find. Sorry to be cryptic, but that's the nature of the job. It just felt nice.

Geocaching... I've held back on the hunting for a little while. I've got a few made up to place out there, but am waiting for a few more pieces to make them perfect. I'd take some pictures to place up here, but those who know to look at my page will know what to look for out in the woods, so it'd be giving up the goods if I put the pics here. Oh well.

Fathering and husband-ing... We do bowling on Monday nights, J goes knitting on Tuesdays and I have dad night with the kids, I sometimes go to poker on Wednesdays, but it is not a steady thing (denial is the first stage), Thursdays are Family nights at Tengen Castle (an on base restaurant here in Oki) where we can feed and entertain the family with friends from work for <$30. I'm not arguing about that one. Friday Saturday and Sunday are filled with field trips, geocaching, art, music, whatever else we can do as a family. We try to keep busy. And lastly, (at least for this list. I could put in all the wastes of time I partake in, but then they would waste your time as well and I do enough of that already.) And lastly, violin. I actually sat down to post this in the beginning, but then saw I had not posted in a month so I figured I'd give a little more back-story. I got my acoustic violin a little while back. This was an upgrade from my electric violin which I still have, but it makes a nicer, fuller tone when I play... and I think there's a problem with the pickup on my electric. Anyway, in true "Tim" style, I've got a number of songs I'm trying to learn all at once. I've got the Theme from Schindlers List, Hava Nagila, If I Were a Rich Man (Fiddler on the roof)... Do you notice a Jewish trend?... I've also got Killing Me Softly, A Whiter Shade of Pale, a little number from WHAM, and a local song called Sakura. My problem is the violin keeps getting placed back in a dark corner where I forget about it and anyone who knows me, if a project is not in my face, it doesn't get done. I decided I'd get one of those guitar hangers:
but then I decided I already had this stuff from making geocaches:
so I made this:hung it:
and now my violin is front and center, ready to play... let's see how that works out.
In case anyone is wondering what those things are there on the neck of my violin to help me out with fingering position, here you go, an axe, a screwdriver, a hammer and a wrench:

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