Sunday, April 19, 2009

In other news...

I had someone say earlier today that you can't just take a picture and toss it out there... you've got to tweak it a bit to get that certain something... A lot of times that's true... shots don't always have that color, framing, the *pop* that you'd like...

I have another friend who recently posted a series of five photos of his daughter on a swing. Four of them were in artsy B&W, and one as an off handed color just to round out the selection. The color got the most feedback. Not because it was color, but because it had a natural framing, motion, emotion, the color was just right, everything was in place.

This picture is one I took a while back while the outlaws and our family were traveling to Hedo Point in the north of Okinawa. The subject isn't anything more than an obscure street sign, but it has a certain something that I wouldn't touch with photoshop. The only thing I might do with it, would be to frame it up just a little better in the lower right where the family is just a little distracting from the main subject in the shot.
This other one is a quick shot I took while in Hawaii last year. Again, while the subject is the same as you'd find in any background collection, everything just fell into place with this one and I thought it needed no tweaking.Just wanted to share... good night all.

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