Friday, March 13, 2009

Limited Audience

I have no idea how many people who read this blog have an iPod touch or an iPhone, but if you do, or if you're interested in what can go into one of these things, here's a list of my most used applications.

Light - This is an app which turns the unit into a flashlight. I use it every morning as I look for socks while my wife sleeps.

USA Manual - I used to carry a copy of the Constitution in my pocket. I've been through quite a few of these and have given away a few as well... I like to read it, I don't know why, but I figure it isn't a bad thing. This app has allowed me to go paperless in this habit by providing me not only the Constitution and Declaration, but also the Federalist papers, lists of Presidents and States, Supreme Court Justices and cases, and other documents and lists of American importance. Stuff every American should know but few do.

Notes - A Post-It app for the iPod. I use it mostly when I get an idea for my novel so I won't forget it by the time I get in front of the keyboard.

Lux DLX - Risk game for the iPod... it's easy to play a quick game while I'm waiting for something and listening to my books

Geocaching - Allows me to cache without paper... it's nice to have it all in my little pocket computer.

WordBook - My dictionary/Thesaurus which I use frequently as I listen to Ayn Rand. All those SAT vocab lists I never bothered to memorize are coming back to haunt me. I can even save words as favorites and "recall" them in the future without actually having to wonder, "Wht was that word I looked up yesterday?"

MiGhtyDocs - Google Documents sync'd to the iPod I use this for recipes in the kitchen

Kotoba! - This app translates from English to Japanese and vice versa. I can also doodle the kanji with my finger and it will translate it into english for me if it understands what I'm trying to draw (thank you art class)

Kanji Flip - Teaches me how to read Japanese

Scribble - Lets me draw things like pulleys, batteries, glue... things I need to buy at the store and can convey with pictures and add "arimaska?" to the end to ask if they've got any.

Stolen Wallet - A double-encrypted app which not only saves my credit and bank info in case I forget my wallet, but also holds the numbers for those cards should my wallet get stolen so I can report them as such... I've not had to use this app for its intended purpose, and let's all hope I never have to.

I've also got a couple of book readers, a grocery list maker, a star navigation tool (very interesting and educational), and about 30 random games to keep the kids entertained as we're waiting for a table at Chilis.

I've got two apps whic play streaming audio from radio stations back in the states over our stereo and radios with iPod cradles.

We got a stereo/dvd changer thing from Panasonic which has a flip-down iPod cradle which lets us play our movies off the iPod on out TV and control the iPod with the stereo remote. By the way, renting a movie from iTunes is about $3 a movie and there's nothing to return. Just delete the file.

I guess I should include the web browser and e-mail functions as I use those A LOT, but they're standards and not something I saught out to place on my iPod.

Mostly I use it for listening to books and podcasts.

Okay... that's all. I figured I'd go back to trying to post at least something occasionally on this blog just to keep ties, even if it only gives you guys a cure for insomnia.

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Just John said...

Ok; those are some neat apps. I hate being chained to Itunes, so I don't have an Ipod. I have another brand of media player.

You may have just sold me on the Iphone when it's time to return to the states (can't get on board with Softbank to get one here, I like my current service too much).