Saturday, May 23, 2009

Better say it while I still can...

Through the end of the Bush administration and on into this one, we've received:
  1. Increased Government control and ownership of the Auto Industry
  2. Increased Government control of Wall Street
  3. Increased Government control and ownership in the Banking Industry
  4. Increased Government control of the Housing Industry
  5. Increased Government control of the Credit Card Industry
  6. The Estate Tax, scheduled to drop to 0% in 2010, will remain at 45%
  7. We grow closer to Government controlled Health Care
  8. ... (the list grows)
And now, when we face the scare of print media declining and shutting their doors, when we see ratings drop severely over the television media through saturation and internet alternatives, we have the White House shooting, editing and publishing their own State-run News available through

Let's see... you're born, there's government. You go to school, it's run by the government. You get a job with the government and get to take home what the government allows you to keep. You get a home loan from the government at a nice government rate. You get your news from the government. If you get sick, you're treated by the government. When you die, the money the government allowed you to keep, will be taxed by the government AGAIN.

WOW! Isn't it nice to live in a "free" society?

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Just John said...

The idea of a "free country" is rapidly becoming a pleasant fiction. Apparently, holding that belief, and a few others, makes us radicals, and a potential DHS threat. Who knew?