Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Gratuitous Profits"

We're told to villainize those who make "Gratuitous Profits". Oil Companies, Banks, Investment Houses, Hedge Funds, the Medical/Insurance Fields...

How often are trial lawyers who take 40% in class action suits and raise the price of goods services and insurance lumped in to these "evil profiteers"?

Have you heard of the names Kennedy? Rockafeller? Buffet? Which ones are known for being poor and making little or reasonable profits?

Who are we "supposed to hate" and why?

Take a good look at who Washington is asking you to target and ask why. Why are those profits extreme while these over here aren't?

If you had an idea... a really really good idea... if you were in a position to make a profit, would you do it? If it turned out to be a large profit? Watch what you ask for. Once you give the government the right to pick winners and losers, when will you be on which side of that coin? (What a wonderfully complex and mis-worded question... I love it.)

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