Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hey, I know that guy!

So there we are driving along when whom do we see? THIS GUY!!!

Remember him? Here's the post. We couldn't help it. We jotted down our address and asked him to come by again. We had to see his new stuff.

Well, he stopped by today and unrolled his stash of paintings. Beautiful as usual.We couldn't help it. We bought a few more.

Don't fret, we asked him to stop by here first when he comes back. He's such a cool guy. If you've got any requests, let us know and we'll grab one/some for you.

On a side note, he has a tendency to leave the paintings with the buyer and he will come back to collect payment. He writes down the name, the address, and the amount owed. He "told" us he recently lost his book and was not able to collect payment for some paintings he sold. He then showed us he keeps his book in a much tighter grip these days zipped up in his bag instead of in his shirt pocket. A good idea I think.

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