Saturday, June 06, 2009

Um... pardon that outburst

For those of you who might or might not subscribe to this blog, might or might not receive an email version of a deleted post which might or might not have been just a little conceited.

For those of you who do not subscribe, the post might or might not have been filled with rantings and hoorays about finding that I'm the 65th most followed blog from Okinawa..

That might or might not have been a complete falsehood.

In my wave of excitement, I might or might not have confused a minor point that I'm the not the 65th most followed blogger, but the 65th most followed twitter-er from Okinawa Japan.

I might or might not be a total moron.


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Please know that any posts, comments, or emails will be kept in the strictest of confidence between you, me, and anyone who happens across my blog.

But hey, I'm still the 65th most coolest guy from Okinawa on Twitter. That's gotta be something, right?

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