Monday, June 08, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm a little grumpy tonight so it might reflect in this post. I'll explain over the course, but if you get a negative tone, all is really well and we're doing fine. In general, life is very very good.

Okay, so as many of you who read this know, my family goes bowling on Monday nights. The kids normally get really into it. They've grown to realize that they are bowling against themselves and their own scores and don't feel downtrodden when their little sister beats their score when she uses bumpers and they don't. I continue to be impressed with the tenacity of the boys as they continue to reject bumpers in an effort to improve a real score. I think they're getting the hang of it. What we've done in the past is take note of their scores game to game and week to week and they'll graph it out to mark improvement and determine goals. I like to look at the little statistics and other doo-dads they toss on the screen after each ball. One thing which I find annoying is the "Hey, why don't you try hitting it here" arrow they throw on the screen after the first ball is thrown. First off, if your first ball is a gutter-ball and you see this:
Thanks, automatic scoring monitor! I never would have known! You mean if I HIT the pins they might fall over?!?

If you knock nine over, the helpful suggestion looks something like this:
"Hey, Dummy! I don't know if you've noticed, but you missed one! Why don't you try hitting it here in its ticklish spot. Maybe it'll fall over for you."

"Thanks automatic scoring machine. I'm going to break you one day."

In other news, two reporters from Al Gore's TV Network got convicted after crossing the line into North Korea.

Now there's a bright couple of reporters.

Their sentence was to spend the next twelve years living as a North Korean.

Also in the news, people are criticizing Dick Cheney for continuing to be in the spotlight after leaving the Vice Presidency, and others are blasting Lynne Cheney for having an opinion on foreign matters when asked. I wonder if these people can rewind their criticisms and do it again while holding their DVD of "Inconvenient Truth" in front of a picture of the Secretary of State and former Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, just so the hypocrisy can sink in full force.

Look if you don't like the Cheneys, don't pay them any attention. The fact of the matter is that they are public figures. The same side who is blasting them for what they are doing are heralding their own who are doing the same thing. Lynne isn't supposed to have a legitimate thought on foreign policy, she was just the wife of the vice president... but the wife of our president can run for president herself and get appointed to secretary of state because of her foreign policy opinions! What horse poop! Dick Cheney can't step in front of a microphone, but Al Gore can make a movie, create his own "news" channel, tour the world like a rock star, grow a beard... it's different, right? How? It isn't. If you criticize one, do so to the other.

Finally, and the reason I'm a bit grumpy right now, if you let your dog out and he goes nose to nose with another dog, bites that dog, and then does it all again... correct the dog and don't let it run off the leash again. Damnit. I brought Nigel home, checked him out (he's okay) typed up a simple letter in yahoo's babelfish which read, "Your dog attacked my dog. Your dog bit my dog. My dog is okay. Please use a leash." and walked it back over to the home of the owner. Of course the drunken man who was out with the dog didn't answer the door, he sent his wife, but she was very apologetic and hopefully they will be more careful.

Well, it's late and I'm going to bed. Good night, all.

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