Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Well, here's a little mess

Chaos Rules The Day In The Capital District-Democrats Furious Over GOP Coup, Vow To Take Back Locked Senate Chamber; Republicans Push For Work To Resume

With New York's Senate in chaos, governor stays put

How's that for an impartial media? The first article says that Democrats vow to take back the locked senate chambers, but waits until the last line off the article to say that the democrats are the ones who locked them. It uses phrases like, "...two renegade Dems who supported the coup...", and "...dramatic coup to depose Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith..."

The quotations the article uses are the following... I've included all of them to show you something:
  1. "I think it's absolutely disgusting, a side show," Smith spokesman Austin Shaffran said. "Senate Republicans should be ashamed."
  2. "There are a number of legal options being considered," Shaffran said.
  3. "He has an ethical cloud over him … guilty until proven innocent," said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group.
  4. "There's no question he has issues he has to deal with," added Sen. Frank Padavan, R-Queens, added.
  5. "I'm hoping by 3 p.m. tomorrow the former majority leader will realize we have to move on and start working," said Sen. Tom Libous, R-Binghamton.
First off, the Democrats are the ones who locked the doors to the senate. The artticle saves this nugget until the very end for you after opening with "Democrats Furious Over GOP Coup, Vow To Take Back Locked Senate Chamber"... um... they locked it.

Anyway... quotation 1 is obviously anti-"republican actions in this mess" Quotation 2 follows up that they [presumably the democrats] are seeking legal action. fine.

Quotations 3 and 4 do not define [HE]. He who (m)? Hiram Monserrate or Espada? Or is it someone else entirely? What with teh nature of the quotations, you'd think that'd be something to clear up.

Quotation 5 is again vague as they are not defining the "former majority leader" and did not through the article which leads the non-new yorker asking, "Who needs to realize we have to move on?" Move on from WHAT?

This article is so poorly written I don't know if it is basic bad journalism, biased, or both.

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