Friday, October 09, 2009

And to top it all off...

Our "fearless leader" has won the Nobel Peace Prize (I have no idea why I continue to capitalize this award.)

President Obama, nominated only 12 days into his administration, has won the peace prize for his "work" toward multilateralism, nuclear disarmament, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, closing Guantanimo, and pushing for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

  1. The US was not unilateral. There are many nations involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan... England, Australia, Japan, France, Germany... to say that we are only now multilateral is to belittle the efforts and deaths of those international brothers in arms who are out there at war with us. Shame.

  2. The world still has nuclear arms. How many have been destroyed under his Presidency? What Barak Obama has done is to renege on the promise of a missile shield in Eastern Europe which would protect those nations from rogue missiles.

  3. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are both ongoing and the commander on the ground in Afghanistan is asking for 40,000 more troops.

  4. Guantanimo is still open.

  5. And last time I checked, Israel and the palestinian people are still feuding. As a matter of fact, Israel is now having to fight that affront along with the threat of President Ahmedinijad's iranian nuclear aspirations and his intent to wipe Israel off the map.
But then again, they also awarded the "Peace Prize" to Al Gore for his man made global warming hoax during a time of global cooling. The Oslo gang is a joke.

Oh, by the way, NBC has removed all reference to this skit from having ever taken place. They are trying to hide their own criticism of this President out of what can only be presumed as fear of repercussion. Oh, you can still find all the skits critical of Sarah Palin and John McCain... just don't speak poorly, even in jest, of the current administration.

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