Friday, October 09, 2009

Long day

I had a rough day at work today. A guy with whom I work has changed dramatically for the worse. A guy whom I considered a friend has ostracized the section and the stress in the office is palpable. For a good while, I'd been the sounding board for the other guys in the office. I was the guy to whom they could go in confidence to vent their frustrations and I would try to help change the office atmosphere to keep us all moving forward. I also tried to work with this guy and be the guy whom he did not need to worry about. I'd be the guy who would be there for him. I play with his kids, we know their family, we've invited them over numerous times for social engagements, I worked for him when the rest of the gang was ready to turn their backs.

Gosh I wish it would have worked.

The last straw was laid on the camel's back today.

I will continue to work with this guy as I've done with others in the past with whom I've disagreed. I will continue to work with him as I've worked with others who have treated me wrong. I won't like it, but I'll do it. He's now on a rank, last name basis. If he wants to be alone in this, he can be alone. I'll work with the rest of the gang, but other than that, Tim will take care of Tim's business and make sure Tim's work is done.

Dude, ya done me wrong. Ya done the team wrong. Where's the old you?

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