Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hi, Remember Me?

I know, I know... I've failed you, the reader, in my strive to publish the World's most desired BLOG.

Well, in the famous words of... well, me... "Build a bridge."

Posting to the BLOG fell behind in the priority list.

Here's what you've missed...

1: I went on a mini rally (read: drive) with people from a statewide mini club starting from Winston Salem and ending in southern VA.
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2: Went to Mom's place for Turkey Day.
3: Thinking of swapping churches to one that's closer so we don't spend 1.5hrs a Sunday simply going to and from a church with no kids except our own; instead of going to one less than 5mins away witha lot of kids our kid's ages.
4: I found out that I'm going to Africa next year.

That's about it... I'll try to post more as time goes on, but I'm not promising anything spectacular.

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